The following information provides a guide for vehicle owners or vehicle modifiers wishing to perform minor modifications to vehicles. Following the guide will help ensure that your vehicle meets all applicable Queensland regulations and safety levels are maintained. To modify a vehicle means to change a vehicle (including by adding something to the vehicle) from the manufacturer's specifications for the vehicle.

The modifications listed below can be carried out without specific approval by an Approved Person or the Department of Transport and Main Roads (unless stated differently). If your modification falls outside of the modifications listed below you should engage the services of an Approved Person. To find the details of an Approved Person near you, please contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads (the department) on 13 23 80.

From time to time, the department will publish Vehicle Standards Instructions that provide additional information to clarify acceptable modifications or good engineering practice. For completeness, persons considering minor modifications to their motor vehicle or the fitting of accessories should check the department's website for any Vehicle Standards Instructions that give further guidance on how to make these changes to a vehicle legally.

Download the full PDF document here